READY Products consists of a range of sealers, acids and thinners deliver a perfect finish! Our READY Products range provides all you need to prepare and seal your concrete.

Holcim Concrete are authorised resellers of Allied READY Products.

Sealers have the advantage of providing an attractive shine and professional finish to concrete while protecting it from staining, or marking.


READY Acid (20L)

- Concentrated acid solution to prepare concrete for sealing
- Removes latence and salts from new concrete
- Treatment is required to maximise sealer adhesion and long-term performance
- Easy to use


- Contains high quality resin giving a durable long lasting coating
- 'Wet look' finish
- For internal and external use
- Suitable for vehicular traffic areas - perfec tfor driveways and garages
- Easy to apply and quick drying

READY Sealer - WATER BASED (20L/200L)

- Contains high wuality resin giving durable long lasting coating
- 'Natural look' finish
- Vewy low VOC
- For internal and external use
- Easy to apply and clean up with water
- Note: Not suitable for vehicular traffic areas

READY Thinner (20L)

- For cleaning tools used in teh applicaion of READY Sealer (solvent based)
- Improves penetration of READY Sealer (solvent based) on dense surfaces
- Improves applicaiton of sealer in warmer conditions
- Note: Thinning sealers decrease their durability and performance


View our READY Solutions Booklet for more information on our READY Products range.