READY Exposed combine the strength, durability and affordability of concrete with the natural beauty of New Zealand’s spectacular riverbeds. Rounded stones are gentle on the feet making them the perfect choice for driveways, patios, paths and pool surrounds.

We have developed a range of mixes to complement every home and setting. You can also combine READY Colour to your exposed mix to enhance the effect that you are look for.

View our READY Exposed range below, or click on the link to view our READY Exposed Brochure.

pdfREADY Exposed Brochure - Auckland2.44 MB

pdfREADY Exposed Brochure - Waikato3.24 MB

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Autumn Gold
Castle Grey
Castle Grey
Hyland River
Kiwi River
Tuscany Gold
Whakatane Desert Stone


River Mist
Southern Sky
Castle Grey
thumb Dark Castle Grey
Dark Castle Grey
River Pebble
thumb Auckland 208KBE Karaka Burst - Website
Karaka Burst
thumb olympic gold ak-1
Olympic Gold
thumb Autumn Gold with black oxide
Autumn Gold
Thumb Dark River Mist
Dark River Mist


Please note: While we have taken care to give an accurate representation of our READY Exposed aggregate range, aggregates are natural products, so some variations in colour will occur. Placing, weather and site conditions may also influence the end result.

*The pebbles contained within these mixes have been washed and sorted to ensure that they are of the highest standards. However, like any other natural products sourced from New Zealand riverbeds, from time to time these mixes can contain driftwood and some naturally occurring minerals such as iron pyrites which have been known to produce brown stains. Use of a high quality sealer at regular intervals can reduce this reaction occurring. Holcim Concrete will not be responsible for the rectification of any such imperfections arising from this occurrence.